California White Sage

California White Sage

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Cleanse and purify with freshly dried white California sage. Sage is used to cleanse the mind, body, chakra and spirit by creating a clean slate in a sacred space. A sacred plant among the Native Americans, sage activates the Third Eye and increases spiritual awareness while rebalancing the chakras and opening up fresh energy.


  • Dried organic white California sage, natural hemp wrap
  • Cleanse sacred space
  • Increase spiritual awareness
  • Open up fresh energy
  • When smudging, light your sage and fan to obtain an even, lit glow
  • Continue to lightly fan as you move around a person or a space
  • Clear unwanted energy by speaking intentions or prayers
  • Do not leave sage unattended
  • Move hemp wrap down as sage burns
  • 8 inches per stick
  • Custom metal wrap with crystal available


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