California White Sage

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What it is: Sage is a cleansing and purifying ritual that is used to cleanse the mind, body, chakra and spirit. Activating the Third Eye, saging is known to increase spiritual awareness and create fresh energy.

When to use: 

  • To cleanse sacred space
  • Increase spiritual awareness 
  • Open up fresh energy
  • During a ritual

What else to know: 

  • Do not leave sage unattended
  • Move hemp wrap down as sage burns
  • 6 inches per stick
  • Custom metal wrap with crystal available
  • Dried Organic White California Sage, Natural Hemp Wrap
  • When smudging, light your sage and fan to obtain an even, lit glow
  • Continue to lightly fan as you move around a person or a space
  • Clear unwanted energy by speaking intentions or prayers 


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