Chakra Healing Set

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What it is: 

Align and activate your energy system with a Chakra Healing Set. Handpicked crystals have been cleansed and infused with intentional reiki. Add on a Selenite Point Charging Plate to cleanse your aura and direct your energy, or a Rose Quartz Charging Dish to enhance your full being with loving vibrations. Comes with a linen travel bag.


  • DESERT ROSE SELENITE | CROWN CHAKRA: Each stone holds a unique Spirit Guardian to aid protection and guidance while increasing your self-confidence and worth. Allows you to deal with your issues, letting go of emotions that keep you from living your best life.

  • AMETHYST | THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Connect to psychic abilities with this opener of consciousness, calmer of mind, body and spirit. Promotes a loving, protective homebody embrace.

  • GREEN CALCITE | THROAT CHAKRA: Stimulate compassion and work through emotional issues, think and communicate differently. Releases unresolved and inflexible attitudes, allowing you to forgive, aiding beneficial change in communication and life.

  • ROSE QUARTZ | HEART CHAKRA: Radiates unconditional self and interpersonal love while healing heart trauma and stress. Celebrates Goddess energy and connectedness to celebrate the divine feminine. 

  • CITRINE | SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Sunny, radiant light energy blended with masculine fire, creating passion and drive. Enhances an abundant mind, abundant flow and an optimistic glow. 

  • RED JASPER | SACRAL CHAKRA: Fierce but focused earth energy. The pragmatic, earth-guided passion behind the magic of manifestation. Celebrates the vitality of the physical body.

  • BLACK TOURMALINE | ROOT CHAKRA: Cleanse, purify and transform dense or dark energy into a lighter vibration. A protective stone that repels negative energies and psychic attacks. Ground, harmonize and balance the foundation for physical and spiritual energy for the body.


  • SELENITE CHARGING PLATE: Open up the spirit and angelic realm to amplify energy as you align your chakras. The point can be used in cord cutting ceremonies and directs energy where point is aired. Invigorate, rebalance and protect. 
  • ROSE QUARTZ CHARGING DISH: Amplify and enhance your full body's vibrations by charging your Chakra stones with intentional love. Rose Quartz is used to intentionally heal emotional wounds, and helps one come back to their center and vibrate with love. Practice radical self awareness and love by associating the charging dish with a mantra that is meaningful to you. For example, "I give love, I receive love, I am love". 

What else to know: 

  • Chakras hold the power to our inner aura and energy system
  • Chakra Crystals can help harmonize and balance the body's metaphysical properties
  • Can be used for self-cleansing and healing, or for increased awareness and vitality - listen to your soul 
  • Crystals should be used with intention

How to Use:

  • To activate, hold in your hand collectively and set an intention
  • To meditate, lay down and place over each chakra individually 
  • To cleanse or charge, place crystals on plate for at least 6 hours

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