Moon Gatherings: Rose Moon Mist

Moon Gatherings: Rose Moon Mist

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Moon Gathering Exclusive:  Each bottle will be blessed by professional Witch @BrittanyLeighTarot 🌕

Ritualistic Aromatherapy. Close your eyes, speak your truth, recharge your mind. 

Gentle, refreshing mist that rejuvenates and oxygenates complexion, softens skin and soothes the soul. An uplighting rose aroma calms energy and allows one to open up to love, joy and inner peace. Raw crystals provide protecting, grounding energy.

Our rose water is a product of fresh picked Bulgarian rose petals that have been steam distilled with no additives. The aroma and coloring is a product from the natural flower. Rose water is infused with 22 crystals, so each spritz comes with grounding energy.   

Ingredients: Pure Rose Water, 7 Moonstone, 7 Labradorite, 7 Rose Quartz, 1 Clear Quartz

7 Moonstone: the stone of moon goddesses, intuition, psychic properties, associated with fertility and reproductive system, attracts love and fidelity

  • Properties: absorb the powers of the moon 
  • Planet: Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Candle Color: Silver
  • Guardian Angel: Gabriel
  • Chakra: Sacral and brow

7 Labradorite: heightened intuition, speak your truth, protect aura, raise consciousness, ground spiritual energies, inner feelings of self-worth

  • Properties: speak your truth
  • Planet: Pluto
  • Element: Ice
  • Candle Color: Burgundy
  • Guardian Angel: Raguel
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus

7 Rose Quartz: the heart stone, love and compassion, self-love, harmony, relationships, friendship, peace, absorbs negativity

  • Properties: release suppressed emotions 
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Pink
  • Guardian Angel: Ashmodiel
  • Chakra: Heart

    1 Clear Quartz: the most versatile of all crystals, a serene stone, promotes calmness and harmony, increase power of prayers 

    • Properties: stone of sun, health, wealth and happiness
    • Planet: Sun
    • Element: Fire
    • Candle Color: Gold
    • Guardian Angel: Michael
    • Chakra: Crown


    Based on 4 reviews Write a review


    Based on 4 reviews Write a review