Moon Ritual Box

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What it is: A limited edition Moon Ritual Box created as a tribute to the members of Moon Gatherings. These sacred ritual tools were curated by Brittany Leigh and blessed on her altar, as she danced and chanted over them throughout a Full Moon Cycle. 

What is included:

  • Herbal Protection Bundle: Mugwort, Rose Petals, Bay Leaf and Dragons Blood
    • Mugwort enhances dreams + emotional detoxification. Rose Petals promote self love, the divine feminine + heal the heart. Bay Leaf is for manifestation + increasing psychic awareness. Dragons Blood provides strength + power, promotes sexuality + banishes unwanted energies.
    • These herbs come in a reusable cotton bath tea bag. It is recommended to lay the herbs directly on you in a bath, however for those who would prefer to keep their tub tidy, please keep in bag.
  • Rosemary, Tangerine and Lavender Essential Oils
    • Pure, Organic Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Oils that were infused with energy from Brittany Leigh
    • Rosemary Essential Oil is steam distilled from Morocco. It heightens awareness in the Third Eye and Solar Plexus chakras and has been used in Reiki sessions to promote wellness, balance and harmony. Rosemary is a woody, herbaceous aroma that boosts mental activity and promotes confidence. Rosemary aids in promoting digestion and relieving respiratory issues.

    • Lavender Essential Oil is steam distilled from France. It heightens awareness in the Heart and Sacral chakras and has been used in Reiki sessions to promote wellness, balance and harmony. Lavender is a fresh, floral scent that promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation, creating a tranquil environment ideal for sleep or meditation. 

    • Tangerine Essential Oil is cold pressed from Germany. It heightens awareness in the Third Eye and Heart chakras and has been used in Reiki sessions to promote wellness, balance and harmony. Tangerine has a sweet, tangy, citrus aroma that promotes a serene, tranquil environment. Calm, center and soothe the mind while increasing creativity and positivity.

  • Crystal Selenite Point Wand
    • Crystal Selenite is known to open up the angelic + spirit realm. Amplify energy in a practice or on your altar. The point makes it a great addition to cord cutting ceremonies.
  • Frankincense and Myrhh Incense (10)
    • Hand dipped and rolled incense. Light to enhance your ritual space. Creates a calming, sedative environment for spiritual practice + deep thought.
  • Black Spell Candle
    • Protect your aura while your candle absorbs unwanted energies. 
  • Intention Scroll 
    • I see my future clearly. I create it consciously with every choice I make in the present. Write your intentions + burn what you want to release. 
  • Sacred Elixir Vial
    • A vial to fill with segments of your ritual to keep close.
  • Moon Goddess Necklace
    • A reminder of your spiritual journey from @thehighmaintenancehippie (
  • Personal Crystal
    • A personal crystal chosen for just for you. 
  • Black Satin Bag
    • Store your ritual items in a reusable bag.

Ritual Recommendation:

Light your Incense to create a calming environment for your practice.

Hold your Selenite Point close, amplifying your energy, while breathing intention into the wand. Integrate into your altar.

Choose an Organic Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Oil to incorporate into your practice. Sprinkle around you or use in a diffuser.

Light your Black Spell Candle and speak your intention into the air, feeling the protection radiating from the fire. Black candles are known to absorb unwanted energies.

Run your bath. This custom bath tea is made up of Mugwort, Rose Petals, Bay Leaf and Dragons Blood Resin. It is recommended to lay these herbs directly on top of you in the bath, but you can keep them in your natural bath tea bag if you would prefer to keep your tub tidy and drain clear!

After your bath, use your Intention Scroll to write down intentions, whatever speaks to you in the moment. Some people prefer to burn these intentions after for a therapeutic experience, others to keep and reflect on. Keep your Red String for your spell vile, or place on your altar as a token of your appreciation for the Universe.

Choose meaningful bits of your ritual and place in Sacred Elixir Vial. If you use as a spell jar, carefully seal it with Black Spell Candle Wax to secure your intention.

Wear your special Moon Necklace from The High Maintenance Hippie as a reminder of this personal, ritualistic journey.

Keep your personal crystal close to radiate the love, prosperity, and protection that comes as a result of this sacred moment. Store your sacred items in a Black Satin Bag.

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