Winter Solstice Ritual Box

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What it is: A limited edition Winter Solstice Ritual Box curated by Brittany Leigh for the members of Moon Gatherings. These sacred ritual tools were inspired by Brittany's core altar pieces and include the tools for a powerful manifestation ritual to ring in 2021. 

What is included:

    • Citrine Altar Bell
      • Ring in your rituals with a one of a kind Gold + Citrine Bell. Ringing of bells are thought to bring back the sun and break up energy and space.
      • 1 1/2” Brass handmade hand made Noah Bell been individually tuned in India. Each Citrine was blessed and attached to the bells during a beautiful ceremony.
    • White + Gold Feather Quill Pen
      • Manifest your future by writing your intentions with a classic Gold Tip White Feather Quill Pen. Each White Feather has been hand dipped in gold paint and hand quilled.
      • 13-14” Turkey feather. All feathers are cruelty free and have been “worn”. They have been sanitized and sprayed to ensure cleanliness. Please keep out of mouth.
      • For use, open carefully. Dip pen lightly into jar and transfer to scroll. Rice paper absorbs ink quickly, write lightly. 
    • Intention Dip Ink
      • Communicate with your higher self as you dip your Quill pen into black ink and send your thoughts into the universe.
      • This ink is waterproof, please prepare space and clothing accordingly. 
    • Intention Scroll
      • Write down your thoughts and dreams on a magical scroll. You can save for later reflection, or burn and release to the spiritual world.
      • Made of authentic Rice Paper and tied with a Red Hemp String.
    • Intention Feather
      • A Black Feather with Gold Tip to absorb your intentions to use for future manifestation rituals. 
      • 6-8” Goose feather. 
      • All feathers are cruelty free and have been “worn”. They have been sanitized and sprayed to ensure cleanliness. Please keep out of mouth.
    • Smokey Quartz Crystal
      • One of a kind Smokey Quartz that has been used in a lengthy moon ritual with Brittany Leigh. Smokey Quartz directs light from the crown chakra to the body.
      • It is known to be a guardian against negative energy, and to restore energy and optimism while melting away blocks and anxiety.
    • Golden Gift Feather Crystal
      • A golden gift from Brittany that represents sunlight and her feather vision for the Solstice and this limited edition box. 
    • Intuition Herbal Bath Blend
      • A custom blend of Coastal Mugwort, Bay Leaves and Lavender Buds to relax the mind, body and soul while you tap into your higher self. Comes in a one time use bag to keep your tub tidy. 
      • Mugwort enhances dreams + emotional detoxification. Bay Leaf is for manifestation + increasing psychic awareness. Lavender Buds promote peace and tranquility.
    • Yule Goddess Candle
      • Travel size Yule Goddess Candle comprised of soy wax, a cotton wick and a winter-like aroma. Scents of Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Cinnamon and Alpine Frost topped with a mini Pinecone and Pine Needles. Hand drawn Lilith by @choir1991
      • Must remove Pinecone and Pine Needles prior to use.
      • 3oz tin, 3 hour burn time
    • Frankincense + Myrhh Incense (3) 
      • Hand dipped and rolled incense. Light to enhance your ritual space. Creates a calming, sedative environment for spiritual practice + deep thought.
    • Seasonal Shea Soufflè
      • A seasonally scented whipped soufflè to replenish your skin and soothe your senses while your internal light shines.
      • Made of Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E with a Sandalwood + Vanilla aroma that compliments your Yule Goddess Candle.
    • Regenerating Serum
      • Regenerating Serum made of Tamanu, Rosehip and Pearl Extract to nourish and regenerate your complexion alongside the Earth through the Winter season.
      • .5oz, for all skin types
    • Golden Velvet Keepsake Bag
      • 6x9 gold velvet bag to store your ritual tools. 

Suggested Ritual:

Begin your ritual by ringing your one of a kind Citrine Altar Bell. Create a serene environment by lighting a Frankincense + Myrhh Incense stick.

Remove your Crystals and Feathers, hold each piece individually in your hand, giving and receiving it's energy, and set a collective intention. Run a bath, and sit in your Intention Herbal Blend. If you don't have a bath, this can be used as a Dream Sachet. Inhale and exhale deeply, allow your mind to wander and your senses are heightened. Light your Winter Solstice Candle as you repeat and reaffirm your intentions. Hold your Black + Gold Intention Feather while infusing your energy and manifestations. After your bath, nourish your physical being by massaging your complexion with Regenerating Serum, and your body with Shea Soufflè. Next, take your Gold + White Feather Quill Pen, Intention Dip Ink and Intention Scroll and begin your written manifestation ritual. Please be careful with the ink, as it is waterproof and absorbs quickly. Your scroll can either be carefully burned in a safe space, or kept for future reflection. After your ritual, keep your pieces close in your Golden Velvet Bag. Seal your space by ringing your Citrine Altar Bell. Sending love, grace, light, compassion and good fortune.

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