Glowing Serum

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What it is: Joylin Naturals Glowing Serum is an antioxidant beauty serum that boosts the complexion’s natural radiance, softens skin and balances oil production. The combination of watermelon, strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, camellia oil and jojoba oil work together to control excess sebum and balance pH, resulting in a hydrated bouncy glow.

Skin Type: Sensitive, Normal, Mature, Dry, Combination, Oily, Young

Key Ingredients:

  • Watermelon: cold pressed antioxidants that deeply hydrate complexion
  • Strawberry: brightens skin tone and balances moisture levels enhancing overall complexion
  • Kiwi: nourishing anti-aging oil potent in natural AHAs that combat oily and congested skin
  • Blueberry: antioxidant powerhouse that rejuvenates complexion and regulates moisture levels 
  • Camellia Oil: a soothing, brightening oil rich in natural squalene and plant collagen
  • Jojoba Oil: a natural antimicrobial that balances oil production, balances pH and moisturizes skin

When to use: 

  • To hydrate dry, dull skin
  • To balance oil production
  • To brighten and even skin tone

What else to know: 

  • Controls excess sebum 
  • Natural astringents tone skin and balances pH
  • Potent antioxidants fight free radicals
  • Watermelon Seed Oil, Strawberry Seed Oil, Kiwi Seed Oil, Blueberry Seed Oil, Camellia Oil, Jojoba Oil
  • 100% Pure Organic Unrefined Cold Pressed
  • Gently massage a 2-4 drops into skin
  • Layer with moisturizers, thinnest to thickest


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