Himalayan Salt Beauty Bar

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What it is: 100% pure block of Himalayan Crystal Salt loaded with 84 minerals and trace elements. A natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial that kills odor causing bacteria without chemicals or additives.

Skin Type: Sensitive, Normal, Oily, Mature, Dry, Combination

When to use: 

  • To cleanse skin
  • As a natural deodorant
  • To soften still muscles
  • To sanitize

What else to know: 

  • Can heat or chill prior to massage
  • Do not use with metal
  • Humidity may cause crystallization that may be harsh on sensitive skin
  • Using on freshly shaved skin may irritate
  • Approx. 6oz per stone


  • 100% Himalayan Crystal Salt

  • Lightly wet
  • Gently rub on desired area
  • After use, pat dry
  • Store in a dry area
  • Do not store on metal

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