Temple Copal Incense

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What it is: White, ceremonial-grade, copal resin sticks handcrafted in Mexico. Copal is a potent, piney aromatic resin that has powerful clearing and cleansing abilities. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Sacred White Temple Copal: derived from wild-harvest sap. Is historically burned ceremonially by Mesoamerican cultures for cleansing, healing and to connect with divine energy.

What else to know: 

  • 90mins+ burn per stick
  • Wild-harvested and sustainably farmed
  • Drip collected from the Burseraceae Copal Tree
  • Handcrafted in Mexico
  • Supports indigenous cultures
  • Light tip of incense stick
  • Gently extinguish flame by blowing or fanning. It should glow red and begin to smolder
  • Place in appropriate incense burner on a hard, non-flammable surface
  • Burn, put-out, and relight as you wish
  • Do not leave unattended!

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